Hi! I'm Eric Magalhães

Software Engineer, SRE, DevOps Engineer, Speaker, Musician, DIYer, Photo enthusiast.

Eric Magalhães

Hi, my name is Eric Magalhães I live in Brasília, Brazil (UTC -3). I'm a strong communicator fluent in Portuguese and English. I love delivering software end-to-end, and building the skillset for that is something I tackled early on in my career. Over the past decade, I've helped startup and enterprise companies run reliable systems working in-loco and on remotely distributed teams.

Currently, I like working doing things related to app development, performance tuning, monitoring/observability, automation, and tooling. I'm proficient in Ruby, Python, and JavaScript and I enjoy working on projects that push me to build solutions from the infrastructure up to the application layer.

Outside business hours, I like playing and creating music, woodworking, gardening, traveling, cooking, exercising, and playing with my dogs.